How naked do you have to be, when you write?

By this question, I’m not referring to physical nudity. If you like writing physically naked, that’s okay with me, who am I to judge? If you prefer to do so fully clothed, in your pyjamas, wearing your wife’s bra or your boyfriends pants, it’s fine too.

I mean the nudity of the soul. How much as a writer are you willing to bear before your readers. There isn’t any other kind of nudity as terrifying as this one. When you write, a piece of you is in every word. There’s a greater chance of being judged or made fun off, and that my friends, it’s a very scary thing. I’d like to say I don’t care what people think or say about me, but let’s be honest, I care.

What we put on paper, a napkin, our diary, or cyberspace is most of the times, very, very personal. How much of how you truly feel are you willing to share?

I recently started a writing class, it’s an eight-week course to inspire you and guide you on how to write your first novel. On each class we confront the why? what?when and where? Most important why is this story important? what’s the point?
I’m often afraid that my thoughts are interesting to me, but no one else. Imagine writing an extensive five hundred page novel, that no one will care to read. Which brings me back to the earlier statement. How much are you willing to tell about yourself.

When I finally had the courage to approach my teacher, who is a published author, I felt my cheeks blushing. I was afraid of what he might say about my ideas and my confusion about how to create the main character. He told me to write about what I know, and about my own experiences.

Our writing is an extension of ourselves, and even to create fictional characters I will expose parts of myself that I haven’t even explored yet. The moment you decide to undress the layers that have transformed you and let go of expectations and fears the writing will be sincere, and pure. Maybe we need to remember to forget, we need to hate again to forgive and to love, heal and grow through the written word.