Tarabuco: preserving tradition

Tarabuco is a small town in Bolivia, in the Chuquisaca department. It’s home to the Yampara culture and hosts  the Pujllay festival each March. Pujllay is a Quechua word for “play”, and it refers to the blossoms “playing” in the winds at the end of the rainy season, announcing the beginning of harvest. The festival is filled with music, dance and tradition where beautiful, colorful costumes are admired.

Every Sunday, the streets of this small town fill up with merchants and artisans who offer various handmade products. From bags, to sweaters, to tablecloths, the artisans and merchants entice its visitors to take home gifts. In the latest years it has most certainly become a tourist destination in Bolivia.

Sunday is an important day for the Yampara people, as it was the day when they exchanged merchandise coming from all parts of the country. They continue to held this open market tradition today.

I remember going to the Pujllay festival when I was younger, and while these photos don’t showcase the festival itself, I hope to give you a glimpse of a culture that fights to stay true to its identity.