Tulip Paradise

I love tulips. I have always loved them. I think it’s the most beautiful, perfect flower there is.The history of tulips also fascinates me. Most people think that tulips come from Holland, and while that’s not necessarily false, tulips origins lay in Iran and Turkey.

In the 17th century tulips were introduced to Europe. Tulips, first used for their medicinal value, and as garden decorations quickly started to gain popularity, the bulbs sold for extremely high prices. Botanists started to hybridise the flower, and by doing so they made tulips all the more special and tempting. Tulips became a sign of high status, it came to a point where they were more expensive than a house. People saw that the upper class was making great profit with this flower. More and more families sold their farms, and other businesses to start selling this precious gem. This period is known as tulipomania, because suddenly there was so much competition, prices dropped, and it’s value lessened.

While tulips might not cost more than a house theses days, they are beautiful to watch. That’s why I had to visit the Keukenhof, known as the Garden of Europe, located outside Amsterdam. It’s the world’s largest flower garden. Nearly seven million flower bulbs are planted each year, and there are about 109 species of tulips. It’s a paradise where you can find every possible colour and shape of tulip.

These are my favourite shots!