Queen’s day Orange Madness

Imagine if the city where you live became a vast flea market where you could find anything from handmade jewellery, African statues, vintage clothing to old records. Add to this food vendors, lots of alcohol, loud music around every corner and almost everyone wearing bright orange. If you can’t imagine it, you can see it here.

Amsterdam celebrates Queen’s day like no other city in The Netherlands. Some people begin the celebrations the night before, April 29th, and then go on partying the next day. There are people who mark their territory on the street, and set up their stall with the things they can’t wait to get rid off. It’s a day for all ages to set loose.

Here are my favourite shots from the biggest party of the year.

Children practice their sales skills, or…not so much? Either way, it’s something they all do for fun.

If you love shopping for curious things, or are a collector of some sort, there are hidden treasures worth looking for. (I didn’t find anything, but you never know ;) )

Queen’s day is THE event of the year. A lot of people who don’t have boats, will rent them, buy lots of food and alcohol and take the canals by storm. This is as crowded as it gets.

Bikes are parked along the bridges…sometimes they end up at the bottom of the canal, if locked properly, they’ll just hang up in mid air until the owner comes to its rescue.

A DJ, pleasing the crowds from above.

Love beyond the law.

I wonder how the queen would like this poster?

Over a million people walking the city eating and drinking, does amount for a little disaster.