and all of it was frozen

To live in Amsterdam, is to know that while the calendar might say Spring, you actually need to still wear your winter coat. There has been a lot of rain the past few days, a grey sky and I can’t help but to feel a bit sad. Research has even shown that there is a link between absence of sunlight and depression. However, complaining about it won’t make the rain go away.

Instead of bashing how cold it is, I will honour the greatest moments winter has offered this time around. Growing up in Bolivia, the only snow that I ever saw was up in the mountain, visible, but unreachable. I fantasized about a white Christmas, and being pulled in a sleigh. Ice skating seemed to me, the most amazing thing anyone could do, that you are walking on canals that otherwise you wouldn’t be able to step on was mind-blowing.

Here are some photos taken earlier in February. The city came back to life. People were happy, the sun was actually shinning. Ice skates sold out completely from every store. There was something magical about how everything was frozen, the canals looked like they had broken glass floating through them.


Parents were having just as much fun as their little ones, reminiscing their own childhoods, and passing on their knowledge.


I’m fascinated with shadows, especially how they look on different surfaces, leaf-less trees make for perfect designs.

This how you start training for the future Olympics. You need skates, a chair and don’t be older than seven or eight years old. You’d be good to go.

The ice broke by passing boats, and this is how this broken glass look was accidentally created.