A bottle of vodka

Tanqueray  up. Two olives

Kettle one, if you don’t mind

One shot,

Two, Three,

A bottle

Limes, salt,

Tequila, vodka and soda

Did you drink?

No I did not.

How many drinks did you have?


Where are you going?

Door slams

Svedka beneath the sink

Grey Goose in the car

Absolute underneath the bed

An absolute ride to hell

Did you cheat?

No. I did not.

Hidden thongs, not mine

Hidden conversations

A phone call….he was gone

Please don’t lie.

I’m not lying.

One lie, five,

Ten…I’ve lost count

The goose laughs

Don’t drive

Speeds up,

Loaded, fucked up.

Did you cheat?

Can’t remember

Months of loving

A thread of lies

A thin white line,

More lies and a man who

Slowly dies.

I love you. Please let me love you

No thanks. Don’t need you

Withdrawals, rage

Vomit, headache

Sadness written in your eyes

Worst hangover yet,

Waking up to know you fucked up

Not money, not power

Will give you your life back

Bottles, lies, white powder

You left me broken,

You killed yourself.